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At Hickman Tree Service, we specialize in taking care of the giant trees that grace Mobile, AL and the surrounding area. Few local companies are as well-prepared as we are to provide high-quality work in all conditions.

Our tree service includes the following:

• Tree Pruning—Our professional technicians prune and trim trees, restoring a sense of balance and proportion and removing limbs or branches that pose a hazard to power lines or property.

• Tree Removal—If a tree has been damaged or is down, we are here to help. We complete tree removal projects quickly and safely, leaving your property clean and secure.

• Emergency Tree Service—The big storms that we sometimes see in Mobile, AL can leave trees in bad shape. To reduce the risk of harm, it is critical to quickly remove limbs or even entire trees that have been damaged. At Hickman Tree Service, we provide round-the-clock emergency service for such occasions.

• Stump Grinding—The unsightly stumps left behind by fallen or removed trees can become major headaches for property owners. Fortunately, our tree service professionals are adept at reducing these remnants to mulch; afterwards, our landscapers can plant grass or bushes on the original site of the stump, erasing all traces of its existence.

• Lot Clearing—Need trees removed for a structure or driveway? We can take care of large clearing jobs as well!

The staff at Hickman Tree Service is highly trained and dedicated to providing our customers in Mobile, AL with the best possible tree service experience. Give us a call and set up an appointment right now!

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